"Souls tend to go back to who feels like home." - N.R.Hart

Oh, my sweet friends.... As you know, my most favorite thing to do in the world is to tell love stories...  but my heart could barely take this one.  You see, Jean and John are engaged to be married. Their story, however,  is a bit different than most..... This school teacher and flight for life paramedic both lost their spouses to cancer...  but have so much life to live yet. They were both so vibrant and warm, it's no wonder they found each other.  While sailing with them, learning their story, and watching them work together, it gave me a chance to really reflect on the love and loss; the life and gut-wrenching heartache they both experienced before they got to this point of being able to move on and start a new chapter- after having been through so much.  It's a complete honor to be able to tell their story.  Sometimes when we least expect it, love tends to find a way, and souls open to accept it.  I hope this story can serve as inspiration for those whose hearts have been broken in the past, and I wish that love finds its way to you someday.

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