Have you ever met a couple that when they're together, you can just FEEL their love?  That's how these two were.  The first time I met with them, they greeted me with the biggest, warmest smiles.   Someone call Jerry McGuire, because they seriously had me at hello. ;)  They were so in sync with each other, it was fun to create art together.  It's not like we were even capturing an engagement session, it was more like me just capturing them playing.  Having fun.  Laughing and teasing one another.  Stealing kisses when they thought I wasn't shooting.  I seriously wondered at times if they remembered that I was there with a  giant camera pointed at them, ha.   They even (literally) danced to the beat of their own beautiful drum at the very end of the session.  I could seriously hear the beat of the salsa music they were both listening to in their heads as he twirled her around and dipped her- something straight out of dancing with the stars.   Seriously though, Jordan and Yanire's love is what every couple in love should be- the world around them melts away and it's just the two of them.  Surrounded by a blanket of each other's affection.  And dang, do I ever feel lucky to document it. 

Hair/MUA: Lustrous Beauty Studio (Kelly Schubel)