After I reached 30 weddings, I decided to close my 2018 wedding season calendar off.  But then I received this email:  

"Hi Lottie, I got your name from Michael and Amanda (past wedding clients) and my fiancé and I are looking for a photographer.  A little about us- Dan and I met online 4 years ago (our first date was Valentine's Day- totally by accident I swear).  He was diagnosed with brain cancer just three months after our first date so I feel like we've been together and through much more than 4 years).  He's got a clean bill of health (YEA!) and now I have a ring on my finger (DOUBLE YEA!) so we're looking to find out more about you, if you have our date open, and what the next steps are."    

I was fully booked for the season, but how could I possibly say no to this one?  ALL of my wedding couples steal a little piece of my heart, but these guys?  Beating brain cancer?  That's a whole other level.  I started to find out more about them and fell deeper into their story.   What some amazing humans.   Lisa not only stuck by his side and took care of him during his battle through cancer, but took care of his children as well when he was in the hospital.  How incredible is she?  And how beautiful are his scars?  

This is what true love is made up of...  Selflessness, faith, compromise, hope, and pure devotion.