I met this sweet couple when I was photographing a wedding last spring down in Naples, Florida…. so when Kelly called me to do a couple shoot I could’nt have been more thrilled!!! They had been dating for several years and didn't have any nice photos to display in their home, so she hired me to capture some professional shots of just the two of them.

She wanted 2 sets of photos… one set of classic, portrait style images, and the other definitely got my attention! She thought it’d be fun to do a “paint war” since her family owns a paint store, and wanted something a little bit more outside the box. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, Dan contacted me a few days later and thought this might be the perfect opportunity to pop the question!

Ummmm heck yes!!!!!

So we conspired for weeks, in between rescheduled weather mishaps and their vacation, and him needing to ask permission, as well as get a very special ring from her grandfather. After all of this, their date happened to land on Valentine’s Day… and how perfect- let me explain. You see, they had a deal… Dan wasn't allowed to propose on Christmas, her birthday, or any holiday ESPECIALLY Valentine’s Day! But I think it’s safe to say it was a good way to surprise her. I loved this shoot. I love this couple and their zest for life.

and I sure hope the amount of fun they had together puts a smile on your face as big as mine. :)

and so the paint war begins…

and a little switcharoo of signage….