"all I really wanted to know...

was what sunrise tasted like on her lips."  

-tyler knott gregson


i took an amazing photography workshop out in Zion National Park this past fall.  although there were so many inspiring styled shoots, this was by far my favorite.  her dress.  the florals.  the lighting.  and the connection between the models.  in my eyes, perfection. 


  • gown: jann marie bridal
  • florals: by bloomers
  • muah: thomas times
  • silks: frou frou chic
  • suit: zara
  • rings: susie saltzman
  • models: tng models zia goddess + aaron m owen
  • workshop: tyler rye
  • workshop assistants: maccoy dean + niki rhodes
  • sponsors: fujifilm profilm + photovisionprints