seven things you can start doing now to look + feel great for your upcoming wedding

(if you aren't already)

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So you're newly engaged, how EXCITING!!!  I hope you're enjoying every moment of this precious time.  As I'm sure you figured out, there's a LOT to be decided...  so here's a little reminder to make sure your self-care routine stays at the forefront and doesn't take a back seat to all your other fiancé duties!    

I've started with a basic list of things you can start doing today, if you aren't already.   Winter is a great time to start incorporating some new self-care habits!  






7.  Dry Brushing

LLP Dry Brushing

The long list of benefits to this goes on and on but among my favorites:

  • helps shed dead skin cells for smoother skin (especially needed during these cold winter months)

  • aids your body in detox, which will make you just feel better and improve energy levels

  • improves circulation which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. (helloooo bikini on your honeymoon!)

I dry brush 2-3 times per week even though I'd ideally like to do it every day!  Oh, and don't forget to lotion up afterwards.  Don't have a great lotion?  A small dollop of coconut oil works well too. (Did I mention how much I love coconut oil?)

LLP Dry Brushing

6.  Skip the Diet

Diets are temporary- you'll more than likely feel like you're starving yourself, negative talk to yourself when you cheat, and then eventually gain the weight back.  Ugh.  Instead of this never-ending cycle, take a deeper look into your relationship with food... why you eat what you eat, when you eat it.  And then make some lifestyle changes!  What does that mean?  Well, for starters... STOP eating anything and everything that comes from a BOX!!!!  (or at least limit it)  Chances are, it's processed or full of chemicals that our bodies don't know how to digest.  Instead, focus your energy on how you can feed your body to nourish it with food that comes from the earth!   Hard truth:  We really ARE what we eat.   So if you eat healthy the majority of the time, you'll feel great, and looking great will follow!  Just give it time, and make small tweaks in your eating habits that you can stick with for a lifetime.  Your body will thank you!

Tip : to make yourself eat your veggies, sprinkle in some good stuff or add a dip!

Tip : to make yourself eat your veggies, sprinkle in some good stuff or add a dip!

5. See a dermatologist

Skin is one of the single most important parts of your body that gets noticed first.  Everything you put IN and ON your body affects it- which is generally a good indicator of your body's overall health.  Every person is different, so make sure you consult with a professional.  I LOVE these Rodan and Fields products below, but that's because they really work for me.  I also just started using a few products from a local Milwaukee based company called THE WISEKIND.  Their ingredients are simple and all natural which I love!  



Periodically throughout the day, set a timer to remind yourself to do a posture check!  Are you slouching?  Chances are high if you have a desk job.  Sitting up straight will put your back muscles to work.... and strong back muscles will make you look great in your dress!  Even if you don't sit down for a majority of the day, try this exercise:  Visualize your shoulder blades.  Now picture there's a grape in the center of them... squeeze the grape with your shoulder blades!  (sidenote:  I'm the weirdo that occasionally does this at red lights while sitting in my car).  

Great posture goes a long way and can flatter any body type.

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3.  Whiten your teeth

 Nothing stands out more than your pearly whites, so make sure they're as white as you can get them!  Anything over the counter should do the trick.  My easy go to is Crest White Strips twice a month.  I've tried some generic brands including ones from Target and Walgreens but they don't feel as comfortable on my teeth during the process.

LLP health beauty blog

2. Get your eye(brows) checked.


STEP AWAY from the tweezers, ladies- you know who you are!!!  Let your brows grow out, and get them professionally waxed or even micro bladed.  Brows make a WORLD of difference- they frame your face and can either compliment you or be your worst enemy by aging you several years if they're too thin!  If you haven't gotten your brows assessed by a professional, this is your year to do it!  

Want something a little more permanent?  Try microblading!  If you're wondering what that is, check out some photos and results of my experience at Nail Bar Milwaukee.  I highly recommend them...   What a time-saving game changer!

1.  Strengthen + lengthen your hair & lashes

I've been growing out, chopping, and donating my hair since I was in my twenties as a way to give back.  As I've gotten older I've noticed my hair doesn't grow quite as fast, so I started to  take some collagen peptides a few days per week.   My hair is now thicker, stronger, and grows equally fast as it did in when I was 25.    I also deep condition in once a week with unrefined coconut oil!  A great treatment especially in winter.  

To give my lashes an extra pop, I started using Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields.  (This can't be purchased at a store, but there are so many people that sell it and I knowww they got me- but their products really do work well!)