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Some lace for love & a penny for luck

When I was asked to photograph a dress fitting from local talented dress designer Amanda Jennings of Minkmaids, little did I know what I was truly in for.  To give you a little background on Amanda, she is the creator of some amazing designed-just-for-you wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  She has the most adorable little studio located in Bay View, Wisconsin.   As I was prepping and light testing for the bride to be (Nadia) to arrive, Amanda gave me a little background of what was about to take place.  She had designed a wedding gown for her best friend that lived in London.  She explained how her friend (Nadia) was getting married overseas, and was really missing her family, especially during the planning process.  Nadia was also totally bummed that her 89 year old grandma couldn't make it over there for the ceremony.  SO Nadia's sweet little grandma and dress designer Amanda were about to give her one of the best surprises ever.  Amanda sewed a lace piece from grandma's own wedding dress, along with a few of grandpa's medals, inside the dress that was designed for her.... so they could be close to Nadia when they weren't present.  Although I was extremely touched, I wasn't expecting to cry once everything started unfolding before me.  I had uncontrollable tears streaming down my face behind the lens, which has never ever happened before during a shoot.  Looking back at this moment, I'm not surprised that it did though.  I love sentiment.  

Oh, and do you know what else made me instantly adore Amanda even a little bit more?  The fact that she is the only one out of 11 grandchildren that her own grandma taught to sew.  And for the icing on the cake?  She also sews a hidden penny for luck into each one of her dresses... how sweet is that!  

Now where's that box of kleenex?