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Jordan Dechambre, fashion blogger, writer & style expert

Jordan Dechambre, fashion blogger, writer & style expert




Lottie Lillian, Wisconsin +  destination wedding photographer     (hey that's ME! )

Lottie Lillian, Wisconsin +  destination wedding photographer

(hey that's ME! )

5 Tips for Perfecting Your Engagement Photo Style


With spring just around the corner it’s soon to be engagement photography season.  (ok ok, we know it's snowing out in WI right now, but don't fret- the first day of spring is in just 19days!)  So, we are moments away from starting the need to find a fabulous location, considering a cool theme and of course, creating a timeless yet fashionable look.  While choosing the perfect outfits for your engagement session might seem daunting, we’ve got five simple tips that will ensure you and your partner achieve flawless style for every snap.

Let’s take a look:

1. Coordinate

Matchy-matchy?  No-no.  Skip the matching looks and instead think about subtle coordination to give your photos a consistent color palette and vibe.  Your looks should feel balanced and complimentary — no twinning allowed.  Consider sticking to a neutral color palette, or choosing just one pop of color. If you're well coordinated, it will be easy to find light that flatters both you and your partner, and your photos will possess an easy flow. Now that’s a perfect match! 


2. Highlight Your Favorite Features

If you’ve got legs (and know how to use them) go fun and flirty with a shorter hemline and leg-lengthening nude pumps.  Love your partner’s eyes? Consider colors that will make his or her eyes pop. Loving your toned arms from all your hard work in the gym lately?  Go for a strapless or off-the-shoulder style.  Like any form of photography, you want your engagement photos to highlight what you love most about you and your partner, so dress accordingly. Always choose a silhouette, color and/or print that flatters both you and your sweetheart. 

3. Consider the Intricate Details

Today, engagement photography is more than a still pose and big smile.  You may be walking, jumping or embracing, and will often be photographed from several angles.  A photo from the back can be just as gorgeous as one from the front, especially when you have unique outfit intricacies to show off.  A delicate lace dress, fringe that moves with you, applique on a collar, a fluffy tulle skirt — whatever your style, these interesting fabrics and details look amazing in photos. Remember, it’s all in the details, like a multi-faceted necklace, a perfectly folded pocket square or a masterfully tailored suit. 

4. Express Your Personal Style

When buying a new dress or outfit for engagement photos, make sure it feels true to you and your style.  Often your own favorite dress, shirt, pumps, tie, watch or necklace makes for a great style statement.  And if you feel like yourself, you’ll look more calm and natural on camera, as well.  At the end of the day, your engagement shoot is a reflection of who you are as a couple, so consider your couple personality when choosing your location and outfits.  Are you city folk?  Go high fashion with a coordinated gown and suit, or street chic in denim and leather.  Outdoorsy? A cozy sweater and jeans is always on point.  Creative? Choose vivid colors and a coordinated background.  No matter your couple personality, make sure it shines through in your style!

5. Dress for the Activity

Once you meet with your photographer (ahem, Lottie Lillian) and choose your location, it’s time to consider the fabric and style of your garments.  Plan to be picked up or carried? Choose a gown or dress that is long enough so you’re comfortable, no matter the pose.  If you’ll be walking or running, try a flowy dress that will perfectly flow with the activity and light.  Also consider the color palette of your location. If there’s a lot of greenery, for example, choose colors that will pop, like white or blue tones;  if you’re going city chic, avoid too much black or gray, which may blend in with the city hues.  And always avoid accidental color clashes — red and green (Christmas); red, white and blue (4thof July);  yellow and black (buzz buzz!) and orange and black (boo!).  The key to successful engagement photography style — and great style in general — is confidence.  Dress in what makes you feel good; in what makes you happy — not necessarily what is overtly trendy.  If you’re at ease and feel amazing about yourself it will shine through in every smile, every laugh and every moment that’s captured during your exciting engagement photography session!

all photos copyright:  Lottie Lillian Photography