9 things you should know about sparkler exits


With the 4th of July just around the corner, I’m assuming there’ll be a surge of sparkler photo requests....

So I thought you’d find these tips helpful whether you’re a bride, groom, or photographer!

Read on my friends!



  • purchase extra long sparklers. regular sparklers are generally too short and will go out way quicker than what it will take for all of your guests to give you a proper sparkler send off!

  • stock up on lighters. matches will be difficult to light, and the chances of guests burning themselves are higher! I’ve seen it all, and lighters are definitely the best option. I would anticipate 1 lighter for every 20 guests. Bonus if you have the long multi-purpose lighters available!

  • think safety first! have a few small buckets of sand on hand for proper disposal and safety!

  • have a plan! having a plan is always a good idea, but make sure your photographer knows ahead of time in order to scout out the safest area for your guests to gather. not recommended on grassy areas or under trees.

  • enjoy the moment! this is one of the quickest moments of your day, lasting literally only about a minute or 2. Take your time to walk through your “sparkler tunnel”. Pause and kiss several times. Look at your significant other and forget about posing for the camera. You’ll more than likely have enjoyed a few cocktails by this point, so make it a point to truly take it all in, it’s truly a beautiful and magical moment!!! Another option when possible: If having an outdoor wedding, arrange your guests in a circle and dance your first dance while being surrounded by the light of your loved ones.

llp sparkler exits-35.jpg


  • plan ahead! this moment is INTENSE. Especially if it’s your first sparkler photo opportunity. Don’t take it lightly and make sure to ask for help when needed! I’ve done quite a few sparkler exits now, and they keep getting better and better since I’ve learned what to anticipate and what not to do over the years!

  • picture this. You’re at the end of your day and your eyeballs probably hurt from the thousands of photos you’ve taken. Wedding guests are definitely a little tipsy at this point, so make sure to effectively communicate to people what the plan is! Start by asking guests to form two parallel lines and make sure they wait to light their sparklers until the couple, you, and everyone else is in place. It DEFINITELY is a bonus if you ask the DJ for help on this! They have a microphone, so they are more likely to grab everyone’s attention. It will be dark, guests will be tipsy, and everyone will definitely be talking and not really paying close attention to what will be happening. It’s SUPER fun, but also really quite chaotic. I’ve found my best photos to turn out without the use of flash, so make sure you know your camera settings and maybe even do a practice run before the day of the wedding!

  • be aware of your surroundings. Your guests are basically waving fire sticks around your head and equipment, so make sure to be safe and give yourself plenty of room to work! Once you are photographing the couple, it will be difficult to pay much attention to anything else happening around you. You will be working hard to get those beautiful perfect shots in a tricky, low light situation!

  • discuss the plan. make a few suggestions for the couple to take their time walking through the sparklers. Feel free to tell them to stop and kiss in the middle, or even physically run back through a second time! I also love it when my couples hold sparklers themselves… it casts a beautiful glow on their faces.


Enjoy, be safe, and most importantly - have fun with it!


Lottie Lillian