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Jordan Dechambre, fashion blogger, writer & style expert

Jordan Dechambre, fashion blogger, writer & style expert


Lottie Lillian, Wisconsin+destination wedding photographer  ( hey, that's ME! )

Lottie Lillian, Wisconsin+destination wedding photographer

( hey, that's ME! )


Move over beautiful brides, it’s time for the groom to be in the spotlight! This season, a few fun trends are keeping aisle style cool and unique for fashionable grooms. From blue suits to soft velvet and even outfit changes, here are three trends that will take grooms from expected to decidedly dapper in 2017.

1. Something Blue

Blue suits are a men’s style staple that have been replaced in the past decade by a popular dependence on black and gray. But the past few years have seen a resurgence of this classic trend — in a fresh, modern way.  Tailored blue suits — slim and perfectly fit to a groom’s body — are the “it” suit for 2017. Taking a cue from dapper celebrities on the Red Carpet during awards season, these suits photograph beautifully and are flattering against all skin tones. (Plus, you can be her something blue … isn’t that convenient?)

2. Velvet Goldmine


Velvet jackets are another Red Carpet trend that are becoming increasingly popular for fall and winter grooms. From burgundy to navy, emerald and black, velvet jackets add a posh new texture to a groom’s style and perfectly pop when paired with tailored black pants, a crisp white shirt and a modern tie. The look is most popular in weddings during the festive holiday season. Brides can perfectly complement a velvet jacket by adding a velvet pouch to their look or velvet ribbon to their bouquet or in their hair. 


3. Quick-Change Artist

While brides often make a “costume change” from wedding to reception, a groom usually remains in his suit for the day’s festivities. But for 2017, many grooms are choosing to mix it up with an outfit change all their own. From simply changing up a pocket square or tie (from a bow tie to a slim tie, perhaps) to ditching their jacket for a vest or more casual topper, grooms are getting the most bang for their style buck on their wedding day. For an even more casual — yet fresh — option, lose the dress shoes for a pair of new kicks to hit the dance floor.

Many fashionable couples take their wedding day style far beyond a stunning bridal gown — and know a groom’s attire is integral in expressing a couple’s true personal style. This year, make your aisle style your own, guys!