the perfect fit: Coordinating Your Bridal Gown with Your Bridesmaids

A guest post by: Jordan Dechambre, fashion blogger & style expert

So you've found the perfect guy... now it's time to find the perfect style for both you and your ladies!  Today’s bridal fashion is more than a stunning bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses that fall to the background like shrinking violets.  Style savvy brides love to coordinate their gowns with the gals who mean so much to them!  Not only is it a stronger style statement to be well coordinated but it makes for fabulous photographs, as well.   Here are three tips for achieving perfectly coordinated wedding day style.

1. Avoid Being Matchy-Matchy — While it’s often your first inclination to match the style of your gown to that of your bridesmaids dresses, it’s actually the reverse that is the key to creating a modern yet coordinated look. Wearing a structured dress? Try a soft A-line for your bridesmaids. Going all-out Cinderella in a bridal ball gown? Look for slim silhouette to coordinate. Beaded and oh-so glamorous? For your bridesmaids, opt for minimal and sophisticated. Short bridesmaids dresses are also a great match for a longer bridal gown. Different cuts of the same color dress always look great and will flatter everyone since your girls can pick their own style. And as always, opposites attract!


2. Throw Some Shade — Once you’ve chosen the style of bridesmaid’s dress you would like to coordinate with your gown, consider choosing a color shade from your bridal bouquet. Again, there’s no need to match a bouquet color exactly; a more modern approach is to opt for a shade of one of the primary colors in your bouquet, such as blush, light blue, champagne, lavender or even minty green. Additional hues of a color add dimension and depth to your bridal photos, and who doesn’t want that?

3. Say It With Accessories — As with any great look, accessories are the finishing touch that can make or break it. To coordinate your bridal look with your bridesmaids, it’s vital to mix and match. Wearing a statement necklace? Consider a statement earring of the same style for your bridesmaids. If you’re rocking a sparkling headpiece, try a jeweled belt for your bridesmaids. The key is to keep the overall vibe cohesive while still maintaining a unique look for yourself and your bridesmaids.


Keep these simple tips top of mind when planning your wedding day look and your day will be not only be coordinated but beyond stylish!  You'll be sure to enjoy your photos for years to come.