5,285-ish miles from home one of the most lovely seaside village exists. its not a place that you hear of like Santorini or Mykonos, instead… it’s quite the opposite, and equally charming. foreigners (like us) were welcomed by all and treated like gold. (with the exception of one British tourist who shouted profanities at us for keeping her awake at night) but anyways, in a world that seems to explode with tourism everywhere gorgeous you go, a magical little gem like this is pretty rare. we were astounded at how inexpensive everything was, how delicious the food was, and how pretty much EVERYONE who lived there had a smile on their face the entire time.

now we rarely go anywhere twice, but I know we would absolutely love to come back here some day! so if you ever make it to Greece, put this place on your list!!!!!

Poros, Kefalonia

so some of you may know, the main reason I went to Greece was to photograph a wedding. The bride was from my hometown, and she met the most charming Greek man. The second she visited his hometown, she knew without a doubt how amazing it would be to share this with the rest of her friends and family. Lucky me to be the one to capture it all right!???

So, the evening before the wedding (scroll to the bottom of this post to click on the actual wedding blog), all of the guests piled in the back of pick up trucks to attend the rehearsal dinner. We were driven up a mountain overlooking the sea, with switchbacks so scary I literally had to close my eyes almost the entire way. Which I regret doing because the few times I did have them open, it was gorgeous but I was too nervous to even move.

But we all made it!

His family owned a large piece of property overlooking the Ionian Sea, and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Goats running around, greek music blaring from a boombox hanging from a tree, the most amazing greek food I’ve ever eaten, old men dancing in ways I didn’t know was possible… the list goes on.

Melissani Cave

one of the most beautiful caves i’ve ever seen, and just a few euros to enter! a short ride from poros.

(Random photo of a bag of potato chips, but they were SO GOOD they were worth documenting!!!)


one of the most BEAUTIFUL beaches I’ve ever been to. but if you go make sure to bring water sandals… the beach is rocky and the stones will hurt your feet getting in and out of the water!


about an hour drive to this adorable little fishing village… filled with great restaurants and artisan shops, I felt everywhere I looked was a picture perfect postcard moment. loved it here!


another little seaside village worth a visit… just a short drive from Poros with tons of shops, restaurants, and music playing everywhere. dining al fresco is a must. so enchanting!