what is it we love so much about travel? is it the new sights, sounds, and smells that set our senses on fire and push them into a really good overdrive? is it the fact that it gets us out of our own routines and creates new experiences? or is it the peace of mind we create when we unplug from the world, and hyper focus on only what’s in front of us and nothing else?

for our seventh anniversary we chose to stay in our beloved state and I am SO glad we did! We would’ve never known about these beautiful gems right in our very own backyard, and I’m just thrilled to share them with you!!!

First up: Destination Hotel Goodwin in Beloit, Wisconsin

We stayed in the Master Suite and it didn't disappoint! We couldn’t have been more thrilled that there was a record player right in the room- listening to Nina Simone and a few other collections on Vinyl while drinking wine before dinner created a New York like atmosphere. So romantic!!!

We ate at their very own restaurant, the Velvet Buffalo. It was sooooo delicious and we couldn’t have had better service! Their huge bay windows opened up to the outside and made it an al fresco type dining experience, which was the best on such a beautiful night!

***We stopped in at the Beloit Club for a round of golf… it was an amazing course!

Followed up by a trip to the IronWorks Golf Lab where we had a few beers and played like big kids on their simulators. I can’t wait to take some of my nieces and nephews here!!!!

conveniently just down the street was a seriously yummy mexican place. their street tacos, stuffed jalapeños, and roasted corn were outstanding! not to mention this is yet another place you can dine inside with the windows wide open to fresh air. mexican al fresco at its best!

Next up, the Delafield Hotel. We loved the cute little downtown area with plenty of coffeeshops, restaurants, and shopping. After a morning yoga class at Be Fitness and a quick workout in the gym, we headed over to Lapham Peak that was just a few minutes away to explore a bunch of their hiking trails and climb up the tower for its great views! Afterwards we headed back to the hotel’s amazing restaurant ID and had one of the best meals we’ve experienced in a while. It was the perfect end to a great weekend!