“the sand may brush off. the salt may wash away.  tans may fade. but the memories will last forever.”

There’s something about a destination wedding that brings family and friends even closer together.  

It’s like magic.

It’s not just about celebrating a day of love between two people.  It’s an all-encompassing experience, a celebration for days at a time.  All of the stressors of daily life back home melt away, and your loved ones get to relax and unwind in the days leading up to the wedding.  With sun on their skin, salt on their lips, the ocean smell permeating their hair, and a beachy cocktail in hand.   

Friends are made, laughter is shared, and stories are written.  This truly is the good life, and I couldn’t be more honored when couples include me in their first chapter of marriage!   

Scroll on down to transplant yourself to the the warm ocean breezes of Jalisco, Mexico in beautiful Puerto Vallarta…  the sweet beginning of Laura and Rob’s forever.