hi there!

Welcome to my dog mom page! So you might be wondering... "what's this all about?"

Well, it all stems from a feeling i had about 4 years ago.  I never really considered myself a "dog person" until i had the overwhelming desire to open my heart and my home to one. I didn't know much about dogs... I never grew up with one, and big ones tended to scare me.  But the one thing i did know was that my heart was ready to love one.  So off we went, in search of our fur baby at the Wisconsin Humane Society.  As my husband and i walked through the doors, we felt both nervousness and excitement.  I asked myself "will i find one here"?  "What will he or she be like?" "Am i equipped to be a dog owner?"  

As we walked through the doors, i caught glimpse of the back of one... it was light brown in color (hey, like me!) and was trotting down the hallway with one of the Humane Society employees.  It was almost as if it knew i was staring at it, because all of the sudden, it stopped dead in its tracks, turned around, and craned its neck to get a good look at us.  The employee gently nudged it's leash, and then they disappeared around the corner.  My eyes became wide with excitement, and we headed straight to it's kennel.  We found out he was a boy.  The description chart right outside his door said- "needs plenty of daily exercise, then will cuddle."  whatever the heck that meant.  But it sounded a lot like me, ha!  We stared at each other, both curiously and cautiously.  Shortly after, we decided we had better take a look at some of the other dogs, so we slowly continued on through the halls, looking at every one.  Even though there were so many others available and ready to find their forever homes that day, my mind kept going back to the little brown guy that stopped us in our tracks.  So we decided to meet him.  

They showed us into a common room, and immediately he started running circles around us.  He would grab toys as if to present them to us, but then wouldn't come near.  I sat cross-legged in the center of the room, and tried to reach out to pet him- but he wouldn't come close.  Ben stood awkwardly in the corner, and after observing this interaction for about 10 minutes he said- mmmmm I don't know about this one Lottie, he seems a little too hyper for us, and not all that friendly.  Literally about 1 second after he said this, Harley came over, sat on my lap, licked my nose, and looked at me directly in the eyes as if to say- "ok, I'm yours if you will have me."  My eyes immediately swelled up with tears, and I knew he was coming home with us.  Fast forward to today, almost 4 years later.  I can't imagine a life without him.  I'm so thankful to the Humane Society for saving him from the rough start he had.  He is our best little buddy, he fills our hearts and home with so much laughter and joy, and we love him as if he were a child.  

I can't explain what it's like to be a dog mom.  It's not quite the same as just being a dog owner.  If you don't have one, you may not understand.  We are their protectors, and we would do just about anything for them to keep them safe and happy.  They are family.  When I started this project, I wasn't sure where it was going... but I knew I wanted to help the organization that changed our hearts and our lives forever.  So this is where you can too.  All proceeds from this simple, easy to wear, comfy shirt will go to the Humane Society.  Share the love.  Help them continue the labor of love that they do, and help other fur babies find their forever homes. 

A special thank you to the ladies that shared their hearts with me for this project- Each has a unique story in which I will reveal as time goes on.  I enjoyed meeting them and documenting the special bond they have with their fur babies.  It fills my heart to look at some of these images and know they share the same kind of "dogmom" love as I do. 


Coming soon:  Yay Dog Dads!